Privacy Policy | OzVials Medical Lab Supplies Australia | Discreet Shipping

At OzVials we believe that your private information should remain private and that the information you provide intentionally or unintentionally is simply used to process your orders. We will not share your information for advertisement and we request that you provide us with enough information necessary to actually process your orders and successfully deliver them.

Our privacy manifesto is simple, and we urge you to provide information that is absolutely necessary for our transaction to be completed successfully. Nevertheless, please be aware that our site is designed to record Device information which includes your IP address, web browser, time zone and some of the cookies. So take necessary precautions for us not glean this information with ought your consent.

We also emphasis that it is a necessity take some order information to successfully fulfill your orders. If your concerned with privacy please provide information that is absolutely needed. OzVials does not share this information with third parties except Shopify our web hosting company and Google Analytics which is a feature incorporated into the hosting service. The only exception to the use of your information is in the event of fraud or risk to the site itself. For example, hacking or manipulating our website to glean customer information or theft.

We deeply believe in the privacy movement, and strongly advocate encryption, and the choice for anonymity. We believe that sharing your information should be your choice. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: