Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE (Non-Stick)

Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE (Non-Stick)

PTFE membranes are chemically resistant to nearly all solvents, acids and bases. The membrane has low extractables and good thermal stability. PTFE is hydrophobic and requires pre-wetting prior to use with aqueous solvents.

PointPTFE hydrophobic membrane after ethanol or isopropyl alcohol can be transformed into hydrophilic film, with a wide range of chemical compatibility.

Use with: Aggressive solvents, strong acids, alcohols, bases, aromatics

Don't use with: Aqueous samples without pre-wetting (causes high back pressure)

Sterilisation: Syringe filters can be sterilised by autoclave at 125° for 20 minutes. Disposable filter kits and bottle top filters come in sterile packaging.

PTFE Applications: Filtration of aggressive organic or highly basic solutions, transducer protectors.

PTFE (Hydrophilic PTFE) Applications: HPLC; Water, organic solvents and mixtures thereof; corrosive solvents; strong acids; strong bases; aromatic alcohols.